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  4. English translation “I am special.”

English translation “I am special.”

This morning I did LIVE chat to Japanese people. At Facebook’s private group we learned “English Yoga”. It’s free for people who are studying English. Place get to learn English.. How nice!

If you want to watch my video, please join this group.

Facebook group “English Yoga”


But I’ve never done LIVE chat before. I was nervous! But also excited!

Before I planned my class, I watched some YouTube videos and other videos on teaching English.

I started to compare to other classes and people..

I felt so many different feelings.

This wasn’t good, that is to say…

This person’s style of class is good,

This one is great, too…

Mine is not so good..

Like that so

I compared a lot!!

At that time, my daughter read a book very well and I was startled to hear how well she could read.


After reading, she had a smug look on her face lol


But that’s so true.

“There’s no one like me!
I am special.“

When we do yoga, we become conscious of ourselves.

We are all special.

We can’t compare to each other.

Everything is different. People start yoga at different times, have different bodies, are a different age and height.

When we do yoga, we can focus on ourselves, connect with our inner peace.

With other people, through yoga, we breathe together and connect with others.

Share the energy

It’s a beautiful moment.


By the way, to do LIVE chat

I tried to think back how I do yoga.

I have experience to teach English to Japanese people and I’m also a yoga teacher.

I think I can only make

Special English Yoga

I can do that!

There isn’t anywhere else, Chito Yoga English


So now

I’m so excited to do this LIVE chat!

Thank you for noticing that.

Through my daughter’s reading, I could think clearly

And LIVE chat was awesome!

It was so much fun.

I will do that again soon!

Thank you for reading.

Lots of love xxx


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