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English translation “About gratitude”

Hi, this is Chito.


In my first blog I could write honestly whatever came up in my mind!

Thank you for all of your comments!

I’ve never done that before, after I felt so relieved.


Today I want to write about how grateful I am for my life.


I can be happy here because of everyone who surrounds me in this beautiful space.


Before I didn’t have any friends.

I couldn’t find my favorite style of yoga.

I felt hard because I looked after kids by myself.

But now…

I can make some friends.

I enjoy doing yoga.

I can look after kids.

Because everyone helps each other.

Because people support each other.


It’s hard to write but

If I say one thing,
I really feel it’s so important to be grateful.


Gratitude comes from
our heart.


Gratitude is good for our health. It reduces anxiety and depression, helps us to acknowledge how full of blessings our lives truly are.


This is what I do at my restorative yoga class.
I really feel full of my heart.


First, my parents in law who support us a lot.


They really really really have been caring for us.
We have lived together for about 3 years now.


When I was busy, they always asked me if they can look after kids.

They made a private space for us to be comfortable to stay.

They renovated the downstairs and made a kitchen space for us.

Everything they did to help us be more comfortable.


When I looked back at all the things that they did, I’m so grateful and my heart is so warm.
What great parents…


I’m so grateful to this town where we live.

I am close to nature here, we live close to the beach and mountains.

I especially love the beach, and we live near a beautiful beach and a safe place. We can talk to the locals here! I like this feeling.

I’m in love with the town space and fresh air. Everything is breathtakingly beautiful.



Life is not easy but when I start to think about this, I can be calm and quiet.

Of course I sometimes come back to a busy mind and sometimes I go crazy lol

But I think that’s normal. The nervous system is like a balance scale. One side there’s stress and the other there’s relaxation.



And my husband

What if I don’t meet my husband, I have no chance to live in Canada and never have chance to know those beautiful places.




And it is hard to look after 2 kids by myself.

But our kids are our precious gifts

They’re so cute.

We’re growing up with our kids and have so many nice experiences.

Our kids make us stronger!!


These beautiful kids, if I didn’t meet my husband, I wouldn’t have had them.

And thank you for choosing us.


My family also send us so many Japanese foods from Japan. It’s really helpful. Thank you for caring about us.


And I love Kayanoya which makes Japanese stocks.
These are amazing. I appreciate the person who created these!!



Japanese friends and yogi friends in Japan.

I still put lots of memories in our dining room.



Once I came back to visit Japan 2 years ago,

We talked nonstop when I met my friends.

The studio I used to work welcomed me and did some yoga classes.
I have a lot of gratitude towards them.

Our relationship hadn’t changed at all.

Thank you. I’m so grateful for that.


While I did yoga,
I felt the atmosphere
and energy!!
I missed this!!!

I clearly remembered how I felt.

I got so much energy, that’s why I really wanted to tell my yoga and feel beautiful energy here.
And I could do first step, I did my interview!

I’m so grateful for giving me positive energy.



And friends in Canada.

It was great to have Japanese friends in Canada. I can speak Japanese here! Doing that felt weird haha!

I’m from Fukuoka, I can talk to them in Fukuoka dialect. I don’t have to think about English. Haha!

And they told me where to get all the Japanese import foods and stuff in Canada.
Thank you.


Also I made Canadian friends.

I made friends who are also mothers.

It was just natural.. I could connect with people with the same hobby “Yoga” while I did yoga:)

I’m so grateful for having friends here and so excited!! It’s like a dream!! It’s not a dream! Wow!

After I meet my friends at the studio and practice yoga, my body and heart feels so great!



Like that so..

When I am grateful to every single thing then my heart gets warm and I feel happy.

This feeling of gratitude compounds onto itself, it increases the level of my feeling.
Then, all of my anxieties decrease without me noticing.

When I look back, I noticed all my anxieties changed to happiness!!!

Just start from small things. Gratitude is a gracious acknowledgement of all that sustains us, both great and small. We have so much to be grateful for.


I want to talk about this topic when I teach English Yoga.

Yoga is not only on the mat. Outside the mat we should try to apply yogi’s philosophy in our life.
I think older people and yogis are amazing.

I’ve been practicing but I want to tell each other in English how we feel.
I want to do a lot of stuff so I’m excited.

Thank you for reading this again.

Lots of love xxx

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