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English version of my first blog

Hi there! This is the first time to write my blog!

My name is Chito.


I sighed in this blog years, years and years ago but I didn’t know what to write, how to write and what if people think it’s hard to read or something like that. I thought lots of negative thoughts and I couldn’t write at all.

But I changed my mind, I’ll try to write whatever I thought! Maybe it’s difficult to read but I’ll probably get used to write so be patient with that haha!


So why I started to write my blog…



Because our family first plan is done!


My husband had taught English to kids in Japan for 10 years.

I had also been an English teacher for kids and managed other teachers in my area on how to teach English for about 10 years.


We were coworkers and got married.


While I worked as an English teacher, I found Yoga. If I find something I like to do, I become very focused on doing that. So I became a yoga teacher but I also kept my English teacher job.


We have 2 kids who are 5 & 3 years old. My husband really wants to get a job with a good pension because he thought about our future so he decided to go back his country, Canada. That’s why we came to Canada 3 years ago from Japan.


I was so excited to live in a foreign country!


But it’s not too long, first year we came here we fought a lot, I felt I wanted to go back to Japan, I missed my friends, missed my yoga students and wanted to do my favorite style of yoga.
So I felt homesick.



For the first few months I enjoyed Canada a lot but once my husband started to study in university, he became super busy and he even couldn’t answer my questions.


He also had hard time with his homework and preparation.


I didn’t know the way, I’ve never driven on the right side of the road before. I didn’t know where I should go with 2 kids at that time who were 3 & 1 years old. It was so hard.


I have studied English but I have never lived in other countries so..

I didn’t know when kids have a cold. This is totally different from Japan.

I didn’t know how to apply child benefits and taxes.

I couldn’t understand especially talking on the phone.

I couldn’t find Japanese foods easily so I didn’t know what I should make then they’re tired of the same foods and they didn’t always eat dinner.

And most tough things for me were when I went to yoga, everyone was lying down and quiet so I didn’t have a chance to talk to somebody.
I want to tell my style of yoga.. maybe I can’t..

When I went to the kids play group, there were already a Mom’s group and it was hard to join..
I used to talk with my friends a lot..



Like that so..
I couldn’t make any friends.



This is the biggest problem for me…


I didn’t noticed how tough it was.
I always feel happy anywhere every day and I thought to live in Canada is also fun!


I didn’t notice all my friends are so precious and they heal me. I started to appreciate them a lot but it was kind of too late..


When I heard, moms talked like “I’ll go visit your house later!” “ Let’s make a play date!”


I felt I usually did like that when I was in Japan.. I missed my old friends who were also mothers.
I used to call my friends and almost cried.


When I went to yoga studio, people talked a lot and I wanted to join but couldn’t..

I also started to think about that I wanted to try to teach yoga here, do they like my assisting? do they like my style of yoga?
I wished I could do that..


But that dream didn’t come true easily. 2 years later it did but I never thought it would come true and it’s like so far away it’s like my dream’s dream.

But 2 years is kind of quick! maybe!


Anyway these are the reasons why I felt so unhappy.


I didn’t have any friends.

I couldn’t find my favorite style of yoga.

I have to look after kids by myself.


If I have some problems with kids, I used to talk about it with my friends or I went to my favorite yoga studio and stressed out!

But I couldn’t do that here.


But when did it happen..

Maybe just after came back to Japan.


I could let go all of the things which I cling to.


I can make Japanese friends someday, it’s ok to not have any friends now!

I will enjoy Yoga in English!

I really remember that I thought clearly.


All of a sudden I met an awesome Japanese person and then I made a lot of Japanese friends in Canada.


Also, I applied to work as a yoga teacher then I found out my favorite style of yoga and studio. I really want to go there every time and I could meet beautiful yogis there!!



Let go and all will come!


I just felt this way. It’s just my thought.

Of course, if I break down more, we have tons of drama.


I wanna write more so I’ll write it one at a time.


My husband has now just finished his post-bacc program.




Congratulations 🥳

I think he had a hard time as well..
Thank you for working so hard!!!!!!

We have just started on our new journey.


I’m so excited and looking forward to it!

I’ll try to think about what I feel excited and find my way.

And I want to start my new journey,


I’m thinking about teaching yoga in English for Japanese people.



I’m excited that I’ll use my English teacher skills and yoga!
I don’t make details but I’ll make one next year!


Thank you for reading all of my story.

I’ll write again soon.


Lots of love xxx

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